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Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Crazzy Crawlly Review

This is a review of Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Crazzy Crawlly. This perfume has green apple flavor and it smells beautiful. It comes in an attractive caterpillar/ silk worm shaped bottle with a plastic cap made into the face of the caterpillar. Each Jungle Magic perfume is given a character and this caterpillar is known as Crazzy Crawlly.

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Review

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Review

Quantity: 60 ml
Price: INR 299
You can buy Jungle Magic Crazzy Crawlly Perfume from (HERE), from (HERE) or from (HERE).

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Review
You can read more about Jungle Magic passport HERE
Also available easily now on most toys and gift shops and kids products stores.

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume

My son has earlier used Jungle Magic Doofy Doggy Chocolate kids perfume and Playful Penggy Orange kids perfume. But Crazzy Crawlly is the yummiest of the three. It is a green colored liquid that looks very refreshing to the eyes and actually smells like green apple. As compare to Doofy and Penggy bottles, I noticed that Crawlly's pump works better when it comes to spraying. While Doofy and Penngy perfumes used to come out in little squirts, Jungle Magic Crazzy Crawlly comes out as a proper full spray. So you need to be very careful that it does not land up in your kids eyes, skin or breath.


Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Review Ingredients
Where are the so called Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients?
Even though this perfume claims to contain essential oils extracted from real fruits, the ingredient list is small and simple. There is no mention of green apple extract in the ingredients. Only Jungle Magic Penggy perfume had some natural extracts. Doofy Doggy was also all chemical. If this perfume actually contains essential oils of real fruits, it should have been clearly mentioned on the packaging.

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Review Buy India
Gifting your kid their own perfume also boosts their confidence

Jungle Magic Kids Children Perfume Review

The price was earlier INR 250. But recently they released three new flavors (see HERE), and the price of these perfumes has been raised to INR 299. Also, I don't see any discounts online anymore. Since Jungle Magic perfumes are just 60ml packs, I calculated the per ml price and compared. The price comes to exactly the same as that of Chicco Kids Cologne, which is 100 ml for INR 499.

I had bought this from because it was not being sold by flipkart directly. There were delivery charges applicable. But I knew from my many previous experiences that firstcry cannot deliver a single good product. This perfume also came leaked (around 10% was already gone) and the imprint on the bottle was wiped out with perfume.

Earlier there used to be 2 tattoos inside this perfume pack, but now they are giving only one. Here's how to apply the tattoo to your kid's skin:

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Crazzy Crawlly Review
Peel off the shiny top layer
How to apply kids tattoo
Place the tattoo face down on the skin
How to apply kids tattoo
Apply water on the white side and pat. Gently rub with the thumbs
how to apply kids tattoo
The wet top white layer will start peeling off
Jungle Magic Kids perfume free tattoo
And the tattoo is transferred to your kid's skin
There are still 4 more flavors to try but I highly recommend Jungle Magic Crazzy Crawlly because of its lovely natural soothing fragrance. It's so nice that even I would love to use it in summers.

Do you use a perfume for your kid? Do share in the comments.


  1. Awww I just love the cute looking bottles and green apple smell sounds good and mild for the kids..:)
    Khushu will be enjoying his new tattoo.<3 <3

    1. Thanks Nieshu <3 Yes all Jungle Magic perfume bottles are very cute and this green apple flavor is amazing and so very refreshing. Even I will try it in summers :) Khush loves tattoos, has some big boys around to look up to and pick such stuff from :)

  2. Gagan, I saw these perfumes in a nearby kid store. But I was abit weary of using it for my kid. Kids in general have soft sensitive skin. I am myself allergic to strong perfumes. I get instant headache and nausea.
    But your post gives me some confidence. But am still not sure if it is all safe to use for a kid. I hope your kid didn't get any reactions or problems using this perfume.
    Piramal has also released mosquito repellent bands. I am not sure if you have used that too. If yes, pleas e review it for other moms like us. Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Shree, most of your safety concerns are addressed in the Doofy Doggy Chocolate perfume review ( I feel perfumes boost kids' confidence. I never use perfumes directly on skin, either mine or my kid's, no matter how good. The best approach is to spray on their clothes, gently fold the clothing for the perfume to spread through and then make the kid wear it after a minute or so. Else, when my kid has clothes on, I make him turn his head in another direction while I spray so he does not inhale any aerosols. The ingredients for these are good and safe, though these are alcohol based like any perfume, but no other chemical fillers are there.

      And even I don't like strong perfumes. These are mild and smell nice. Try Crawlly, the one reviewd on this page and you won't regret buying it. Crawlly smells LOVELY. Recently got Duckky too (lemon flavor) and that's too nice, has a mild citrusy fragrance. The only one I didn't like much was Penggy (orange one) though my kid liked that too.

      Yes, I am aware of the bandits but never explored them to check. Now that my kid is showing some interest in outdoor activities, I am thinking of trying it in summers. I think it should have citronella essential oil or something, which acts as an insect repellent.

    2. Dear Gagan, thanks for your reply. I am already a fan of your honest reviews blog and was stalking there if you replied. But glad that you replied. My kid just loves all sort of perfumes. Now I will buy her this crawlly one!
      Thanks for taking time out to reply. off to read about Doofy Doggy review. :)

    3. Dear Shree, so sorry for the late reply. I haven't been able to update this site for more than a month now, Hope you got the perfume and liked it too :)


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