Monday, December 16, 2013 Online Shopping Festival and Shopping Experience Review is a Hyderabad based online shopping store for kids. I came to know about them in 2012 and had shopped with them once last year. It was an awesome shopping experience. Even though my order was prepaid, they still called me to confirm and kept me informed at every stage of my order. I had received all my products intact and brand new, the kind of quality I always yearn for. Kids Online Shopping Site India review
Let your child amaze you!

I was told by their customer service that the owner used to reside abroad and when she came back to India, she could not find some of the products she wanted for her kid. So she opened this online store to help other parents like herself, have access to some great kid's products and brands. After my first shopping experience, when I went back to for future shopping, there were hardly any products, and most were in extremely high price range, far beyond what I could afford. Still I kept checking every month and it seemed the store was going down as new stock was not being added.

Finally a couple weeks ago they seem to have sprung back to action. I received an email newsletter and also saw an update from their Facebook page. There is a flat 20% OFF offer on all orders above INR 999 (non-sale items) and they are promoting it as the Redlily Online Shopping Festival. So when I went and checked, I was happy to finally find new stock as well as quality products from all price ranges.

I took a lot of time to deliberate what to buy and what not to buy. Most of the items on my wishlist were available. Online shopping is very enticing and most times we usually end up buying unnecessary stuff just out of temptation or sale excitement. So now I am very careful and buy only those things which I really really need, unless my heart gets stuck on a luxury item for my kid once in a while.

Here's what all I bought: kids online store shopping india review

  1. Nuby Bottle Brush with snap-in nipple brush: This one is really good. There is a small snap-in nipple brush, hidden inside the handle.
  2. Faber - Castell Ole-Grip Pencils With Free Eraser And Sharpener: These are triangular pencils which help a kid write comfortably and provide a better grip than regular hexagonal pencils.
  3. Faber - Castell Artline Dust Free Eraser Small (Pack of 8): Lint-free erasers
  4. Angry Birds Combo Set of Lunch box and Sipper: Ideal for kids up to 6 years of age.
  5. Stephen Joseph Wallet Sports: All kids love to act like grown ups and my kid's recent fancy was to have a wallet. This one is excellent quality.
  6. Angry Birds Pencil Pouch - Yellow: It is a multipurpose pouch, is imported and of premium quality. I could not resist buying it and my kido's latest fascination is angry birds.
Finally I ended up buying products worth Rs 1000 and the 20% discount was automatically applied at the time of checkout, but it is only on non-sale items that add up to a total of INR 999 or above. So my total payment came down to Rs 800 something. The order arrived in just 3 days, which is awesome for a remote area like mine. reviews

All items were neatly packed. All were lightweight so didn't require any bubble wrap. There was just a crumpled sheet of paper at the top and bottom of the box and everything reached intact. The products were again clean and brand new.

I found a price discrepancy in 2 items and even informed the business but received a very formal response as if they hardly care. The 3-fold Stephen Joseph wallets are priced at INR 399 and the 2-folds one are priced at INR 299. But they have exchanged the prices on 2 items. I got to know after I received my order.
Kids wallets india

So you can still get this Stephen Joseph sports wallet for INR 299 at as opposed to INR 399 on other online kids stores.

wallets for kids online india
The wallet is actually quite big and is suitable for even college students
I had bought one angry birds lunch box from a couple months ago. It was very high quality but the lid required special skills to open and close and my kid was facing difficulty using it. So I got this simple clip-lock lunch box and sipper combo. These are BPA free, so no harmful chemicals for your kid.

Angry Birds merchandise india

If you are looking for a good online shopping experience to buy stuff for your kid, do try out and avail the 20% discount offer at the earliest, as it is there for a limited period only. Do you shop online for your kid? What are your thoughts on online kids shopping? Please share.


  1. very interesting story

  2. thats nice.. a new addition for baby shopping stuff... :)

    1. Thanks Dear :) This site has been around for a while now. The site is not so user friendly to browse but they offer premium and quality kids stuff and good discounts on full priced items.

  3. The site is not so user friendly to browse

    1. I so agree. They have good service but the site browsing experience is a turn off.


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