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Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Playful Penggy Review

This is a review of Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Playful Penggy. It is an orange flavored kids perfume that comes in an attractive Penguin Shaped bottle.

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Review

Quantity: 60 ml
Price: INR 250 (I had bought for INR 185 during an online offer)
UPDATE: The price has now been raised to INR 299
Flavor: Orange



A majority of the ingredients are natural flavoring substances obtained from plants. I am really happy with the ingredient list of this Jungle Magic Perfume.  Just because of this main reason, I will rate it higher and safer than other chemical based perfumes in the market. That said, never spray perfume on your baby's skin directly. Either spray on clothes when the kid is wearing them or first spray on the clothes and then make your kid wear those.


I was expecting this perfume to smell like real orange fruit, a little sweet and tangy, something very refreshing for kids. But it has a sweet intoxicating scent, which becomes suffocating at times. The fragrance is very strong and remains in clothes even after washing. You can smell it in the air hours after applying. I will see how it fares in extreme summers and will update the review accordingly.

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume

I had bought the chocolate flavored Jungle Magic perfume from and the packaging was really bad, the small cap on top of the pump flies away while spraying and is also a danger to the kids, being a very small part. The tattoos were useless. 

But I am surprised that this new penguin bottle I have bought from another website, came in a much better packing. The tattoos were really good quality and the cap on top of the pump is not detachable. Both the perfume variations we own were manufactured in June 2011.

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume india
The tattoos and story booklet are inside a folded cardboard top
Overall, this perfume does have a long-lasting fragrance, but I personally feel kids perfume should not be so strong. It makes me dizzy at times. However, I do not regret buying it for a one-time experience as I got it really cheap. My kid still likes it :)

Jungle Magic Passport Number
Jungle Magic Tattoos and Passport Number (PMXXXXXX)
Jungle Magic Kids Perfume
Jungle Magic Story

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume also comes in 6 more flavors (3 of them are newly released):

Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Doofy Doggy : Strawberry Flavored 
Jungle Magic Kids Perfume Crazzy Crawlly: Green Apple Flavor
See the newly released 3 flavors HERE.

All Jungle Magic perfumes come in attractive animal shaped bottles which is an instant hit with kids.

For more details on other flavors and the Jungle Magic website, please refer to the detailed Jungle Magic Kids Perfume review HERE.

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