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Bubchen Baby Shampoo Review

Bübchen Baby Shampoo Review

This is a review of Bübchen Baby Shampoo, which has recently become available in Indian online stores. Bübchen is a quality German baby care brand, which is a part of the brand Nestlé since 1983.

Bubchen Baby Shampoo Review

Bübchen offers baby hair and skin care products based on natural ingredients like nourishing herbal oils combined with chamomile and calendula.

Bubchen Baby Shampoo Sulphates free Review

Quantity: 200 ml
Price: INR 325
Shelf Life: 30 Months
Made in Germany
Shelf Life: 30 months

Bubchen Baby Shampoo Review

Availability: You can buy from, or from This shampoo is also available internationally and is considered one of the best baby shampoos.

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Brand Claims and Product Description:

Bübchen Baby Shampoo is a mild Shampoo, especially formulated to protect the child's sensitive scalp. Contains Camomile, protects baby's sensitive scalp while gently cleansing hair, Developed to minimize risk of allergies, Hair obtain a silky shine and become easier to comb, mild to the eyes -Dermatologically tested and approved in hospitals.

Bubchen Baby Shampoo Review

Bübchen Baby Shampoo is pH Skin Balanced, Free of Soap, Without Colorants, With Plant-based Surfactants.

Bübchen Baby Shampoo Ingredients:

Bubchen Baby Shampoo Ingredients Review

Aqua, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Laureth-3, Glycerin, PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Sodium C 14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Panthenol, Sodium Chloride, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum, Citric Acid, Tocopherol.

How to Use:

I take a little water in a mug and pour a little shampoo and shake to mix. Then apply it in my kids hair roots in gentle circular motions while spreading on his scalp. I always dilute shampoos and body washes like this.

I still use a bath hat/ washing hair hat for my kid so the water does not get into his eyes. You can check it out HERE.

My Experience with Bübchen Baby Shampoo:

Bubchen Baby Shampoo Review

Prior to this, I was using Nuby All Natural Baby Shampoo (aloe vera based) for my kid. It lasted us so long I almost got bored of it and it actually worked very well for us. As a rule, I never repeat the same skin/hair care product immediately. If a product turns out good, I always give a gap before starting with another bottle of the same product, else our body becomes immune to its goodness.

So while looking for an alternate/better shampoo, I happened to discover this Bübchen Baby Shampoo on and picked up both the Baby Bath and this Shampoo. The packing for both the shampoo and the bath is identical and you need to read every time which one is which.

Bubchen baby shampoo is a yellowish transparent gel with medium consistency. It has a mild and soothing camomile fragrance though the ingredients say there is some perfume added. The flip open cap makes it easy to dispense but it still leaves some shampoo at the mouth of the bottle leading to a little stickiness.

I had very high expectations of this shampoo and when we used it for the first time, I felt an instant positive change in my son's hair strands (we don't cut hair for religious reasons and he has waist long hair which we keep oiled). His hair felt thick and shiny while I was just rinsing out this shampoo from his hair. However, I felt that I had to use more amount of shampoo than usual and also saw a few hair strands (5-6) come out. This turned me off and made me worried. So before using it a second time on him, I started using it to check on the hair fall issue. I also had exactly same results in the first use.

But I didn't give up and thought of using one more time. Second time there was absolutely no hair fall both for me and my son. I use a special natural hair coloring method and a mild shampoo is a must for me. I also noticed that this shampoo does not wash out my hair color. With every use, it is adapting better to the hair and we now use less quantity than what we had to use in the first time.

Bubchen Baby Shampoo Review India

It completely delivers on all the claims and is a great shampoo for both kids and adults:
  • It is mild on scalp as well as eyes
  • It does make hair shiny, silky and thick/healthy
  • It definitely makes combing easier
  • It leaves hair conditioned and soft
  • Foams very well but does rinse out easily. Does not feel soapy
  • Has a soothing Chamomile fragrance which may feel medicinal to some people. But I am glad it does not bother my kid's nose like most other scented shampoos do.
  • It is great for babies and kids and is definitely ideal for adults too, as mentioned on the bottle.
If you want to use it yourself, check my detailed review on this shampoo on my other blog HERE.

Other Important Observations:

Shampoos with mineral oils or other chemicals give an instant slippery/conditioned feel to the hair while rinsing out. Most people mistake this to be a sign of a great shampoo, when this is just a false shortlived effect.

Mild sulphates free shampoos (like this Bubchen baby shampoo) actually feel the opposite on hair. Hair feel hard, squeaky clean and non-conditioned when they are wet, but as they dry, you can see the immense shine and feel the softness and bounce in them.

I am happy to have discovered this shampoo and would definitely recommend it for its great results and mildness. You can buy it here: or from I had bought from and the lot has an expiry date of Mar 2015.


  1. I was eagerly waiting for the review ever since you mentioned about this in your reply to my comment. I was wondering does this oil help in removing oil from hair? I mean if I apply hair in my oil overnight and use this shampoo next day, will it remove the oil completely considering this is a baby shampoo which are known to be mild.

    1. Dear Deepika, you are so sweet, you found this review. Actually I was thinking of doing a separate review of this shampoo on the main blog, covering all the aspects for an adult's shampoo usage. That is why I didn't share this on the Facebook page yet.

      Good question. Yes it does wash out the oil easily in one go without having to shampoo 2-3 times and without making the hair dry. I keep my son's hair oiled all the time and this shampoo cleans the oil perfectly. Initial 1-2 uses you may feel you need more quantity of shampoo but later it starts spreading well. In case you feel it is not spreading properly, just dilute, then section your wet hair to reveal a portion of scalp >> pour the diluted shampoo and pat with the other hand. This always works with sulphates free shampoos. Rubbing does not product lather but patting does :)

      I will answer your other comments soon as I was out the whole day today for some work.

    2. Thank you di. And I meant if I apply oil in my hair and not the other way round...silly me lol! No problem, reply when you are free. :D

    3. Yes I had understood :) I apply a good amount of oil in my kido's hair and it removes the oil properly without having to do extra shampooing just for the oil. Rather it spreads well on oiled hair and removes oil in just one go. Leaves hair soft and leaves the scalp fresh. No conditioner required.


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