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Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream Review

This is a review of Chicco baby moments rich cream from Chicco's newly launched 'baby moments' range. Their previous skin care range was good, but it is suddenly missing from almost all Indian online stores.

Quantity: 100ml
Price: INR 170
You can buy from Flipkart.com (HERE), from Babyoye.com (HERE) or from firstcry.com (HERE)


Parabens Free
Hypoallergenic and Clinically Tested
Contains Vitamin E
Safe to use right from birth (0+ months)


I thoroughly studied each ingredient. Majority of these are skin conditioners and emollients, and a few are preservatives. It contains Phenoxyethanol.

Phenoxyethanol is a less harmful preservative chemical as compared to parabens, but it is not safe to be used around mouth or lips. In Japan, the concentration of phenoxyethanol in cosmetics and skin care products is limited to 1%. It is a known skin irritant even in small concentration and a neurotoxin in higher concentrations. It also acts as an anti-bacterial or anti-microbial agent.

The only other possible allergans in the ingredient list are Ethylhexylglycerin and Sodium Hydroxide, which are approved ingredients but may cause allergies even in very small concentrations.

We have been using this cream for more than a year now and i

Chicco baby moments Rich Cream Ingredients


  1. Chicco baby moments rich cream is very thick and needs some effort to push out of the tube. This makes it very travel friendly.
  2. It smells heavenly. The perfume is very refreshing and not at all overwhelming.
  3. Absorbs easily into skin and nourishes deeply. I tried on my face too and it felt so soothing as if it went layers down into my skin, which I really liked.
  4. Not at all greasy or oily. No stickiness. Absorbs into a matte finish. Adults with dry skin can also use.
  5. Provides all day long moisturization.
  6. I bought it particularly for face but avoid lips, area around mouth and eyes. Good for elbows, knees and heels.
  7. Value for money.

Strangely, sometimes, this cream starts smelling like egg within 2 hours of application. The perfume is still there, but I can clearly smell egg on baby's face every time my face is near his. Not sure which ingredient causes that but some people may not like it, especially if they don't consume egg. The strange thing is that this happens only sometimes and not ever time.


Since this cream is very thick, it needs to be blended into baby's skin. Do NOT exert pressure on baby's delicate face while applying. Make small dots  and gently rub in circular motions to blend.


This cream is hypoallergenic, meaning there are fewer chances of allergy. Initially, it created allergy-like very minute eruptions on my baby's face and made his fair skin look very dull and dark. But there was no rash or itching. 

I tested on my sensitive facial skin and there was no reaction, so we continued using it.

After 10 days, it started suiting his skin and I was happy with the results. His skin remains soft till night. I reapply only at night or after washing baby's skin. We have been using this for more than a year now. We are about to finish the first tube and it has lasted really long since we use mainly for the face or arms and knees.

Recommend: Yes. Especially for people in very cold areas.
Repurchase: Yes

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Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream


  1. Nice review Gagan. Baby skin will love it. :)

    1. It's really good Niesha. I just wished my baby's face didn't smell like egg every time I kiss him :)


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