Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Farlin Washing Hair Hat Review

Farlin bath hat or Washing hair hat is a must have bathing accessory for every baby. No matter how many brands advertise their shampoos and top-to-toe washes to have a 'no more tears' formula, they all do sting in your baby's precious eyes. I always test such washes on my face and so far have found them all to sting my eyes.

So save your baby's million dollar eyes with this washing hair hat.
Farlin Washing Hair Hat
Price: INR 350 (now increased to INR 395) but most online stores have some or other discount running. 

Where to buy: You can buy from HERE

Color: Comes in 2 colorsPink and Blue.

Material: Made of high quality EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer) material. 

Other qualities: Low maintenance. The material is soft and waterproof, does not absorb water and dries quickly. Can be hung easily in the bathroom.

How to use: Put the hat on to baby's head above the ears and eyes and adjust to proper position.

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This washing hair hat can be adjusted to 4 sizes to fit your baby's head. There is a strap at the back and 4 buttons to adjust the fit according to your baby's head size. The maximum size is 14cm in diameter.

I LOVE the design of this hat. There are multiple small furrows/channels on both sides of the hat. So when you pour water on your baby's head to rinse out shampoo, the water runs down through these channels and falls around your baby's head like rain. 
Farlin Washing Hair Hat
The front hood of the hat is quite long and keeps water far away from baby's face. Baby loves to see water falling down like rain, plays with it, and completely forgets their hair are being washed. Washing head/hair becomes an enjoyable experience for them and for you too.

My baby is almost 4 years old and this hat fits on the second last position. So if your baby's head is not exceptionally big, it can fit kids up to 5 yrs of age at the maximum. And anyways by that age, kids learn to close their eyes to avoid shampoo getting in. (UPDATE: My kid is now 5+ and am still using this hat)

I found a dupe of this hat in another brand. See details here

This dupe has 3 adjustable sizes and maximum diameter is the same: 14 cm. From the picture, the front hood looks teeny weeny smaller, rest everything is same. This dupe is cheaper by INR 50.


  1. Very nice review n I also used it when samar was a baby..not now..really nice product..:):)
    C Ya soon dear :):)

    1. Thanks Tejinder :) Wow, Samar is comfortable getting his hair washed without it! My son is very afraid of shampoo getting in his eyes, so we can't do without this one till he learns to close his eyes during hair wash.

  2. Replies
    1. Im so glad i could find this review and im hooked on to reading other reviews too :) my baby is now 9 months old and i have still no idea how to get her to not cry when i wash her hair! Was checking online for the hats n there are like so many types but farlin is a good company n i like their diah wash n cloth wash products tht i purchased previoysly. And now with this review i am not waiting anymore! Going to order it right away :)

    2. Dear Angela, thanks for reading and great to hear from you. I can totally understand what a torture it is for kids to get their hair/head washed as such and no matter what the various personal care brands claim, most products do sting in the eyes. Plus a 9 months baby is way too small to bear the stimulus of water flowing on their head.

      My kid is now 5 and a half + and he is still not willing to give up on this hat. It has lasted us so many years and am planning to buy a few more to gift to our relatives' toddlers. I just checked, it is sold out at the links I had given above. But found more stores where Farlin shampoo hat is available. Please check the updated Link 3 and Link 4 above :) in case you have not already placed an order.


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