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Pigeon Baby Shampoo Review

This is a review of Pigeon Baby Shampoo. For the past 4+ years, I had been using combined 'Body and Hair wash' for my kid, from different brands like Pigeon, Chicco, Nuby, the imported fruity range of Johnsons and Johnsons etc. My kid has very long hair, which we keep oiled. The products that suited his skin, left his hair like straw and the products that suited his hair, gave allergy on his face.

Pigeon Baby Shampoo Review

Finally a few months ago, I decided to go for a separate body wash and shampoo for my son. We are using Pigeon's baby shampoo for close to 2 months now and happy with the results.

Price: INR 185 (I had bought on some discount from an online store)
Quantity: 200 ml. Also comes in 700 ml packing.
Shelf Life: 36 Months from Mfg
Made in India
Availability: You can buy through these online stores (direct links to product page):,,

700 ml packing can be bought here: Rediff Shopping,

Pigeon baby shampoo comes in a flip open cap bottle. The cap is tight but you need to seal with cello-tape while travelling, to prevent spillage.


  • Tear-Free formula
  • Colouring and fragrance free
  • pH Balanced
  • Hypoallergenic
Unique tear free formula is mild and conditioning. Enriched with Olive oil, Rosehip oil, and Chamomile extract. It gently cleanses, moisturizes & conditions baby's hair, leaving it soft and tangle free. Gentle for daily use, Suitable from birth.


Pigeon Baby Shampoo Ingredients

How To Use Pigeon Baby Shampoo:

Instead of using directly on the scalp, I dilute the shampoo in a mug taking small quantities at a time, and diluting more if required later. I pour small streams on baby's scalp and instead of rubbing, gently pat the scalp. That ways, the shampoo spreads better lathers easily.

No matter which shampoo we use and whether the brand claims it to be a tear-free formula, I always use our Farlin Baby Shampoo Hat when washing my kids hair.

UPDATE: My son is now 5 and half + and we are still using the hat as it makes shampooing a very easy and enjoyable affair for the baby/kid.

My Experience with Pigeon Baby Shampoo:

Pigeon Baby Shampoo Review
Rosehip: The natural moisturizer that helps to prevent dry skin
Chamomile: The natural soothing agent that helps to relieve irritated skin
Olive Oil: The natural extract makes hair soft and shiny
Pigeon baby shampoo is a transparent very light yellow colored liquid. I like the fact that it has no added color or fragrance. It smells faintly of coconuts in a very nice way. It also contains some natural ingredients like Rosehip and Chamomile Extracts and Olive oil.

It cleanses baby's hair well, without ripping off moisture from hair strands. It effectively cleans oiled hair and leaves my kids locks soft and shiny. It does not lather crazy like other shampoos.

Hair may not always feel very soft during the wash, but on drying, hair are soft, more aligned and almost tangle-free. So I found this shampoo gentler than the other Hair and Body washes we have used.

Coming to the "Gentle for daily use and Suitable from birth" claims, it's a shame how baby brands make such claims. I mean who would shampoo their baby's hair daily! A baby's skin is 6 times thinner than adults up to the age of 6 months and anyways kid's and baby's skin is able to easily absorb anything you apply. So who would like to subject their baby or kid to chemicals on a daily basis?

The "suitable from birth" claim is also rubbish. Pigeon baby shampoo contains preservatives in the form of parabens as well as phenoxyethanol and I personally would not consider that safe for an infant. To be honest, four and a half years ago, I have also used such bath products for my baby when he was born, as I was not aware of these chemicals then. But now I am aware and choose more carefully.

So parents, please be sensible when shampooing your babies and kids. I won't recommend this or any shampoo for daily use, but every parent knows what's best for their child. We use it once a week.

Apart from that, it is much milder as compared to other famous brands in the market like Mothercare etc which are full of far more shitty chemicals and preservatives.

We have used a few other brands after this shampoo and find that Pigeon Baby Shampoo is very good and mild. It keeps kids' hair soft and shiny. We found it much better than some other shampoos and washes we have tried.

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