Monday, January 28, 2013

Chicco Mum n Baby Eau De Cologne Review

Chicco Mum & Baby Eau De Cologne was my baby's very first fragrance. I had bypassed it many times at shopping malls but never bought it. At that time I had apprehensions about baby perfumes that the fumes may irritate the baby's throat. Then I remember reading it was 'alcohol free' and I bought it when my baby was 2+ years. 
Chicco Mum & Baby Acqua di colonia, Agua di colonia

Somehow the very first sniff of the fragrance did not impress me much and I was like I wasted INR 500 on this!!!

In truth, Chicco Mum & Baby Eau De Cologne is the most beautiful fragrance after a baby's natural scent. I have also worn it sometimes in summers, of course, it is for the mum too :) When you open any new perfume, the fragrance is quite powerful and you may not like it. But after it has been exposed to some air, the true fragrance comes out. Same had happened with me.

The fragrance is a mix of sweet and tangy notes. It is very refreshing and very different from adult perfumes. It is perfect to be worn in any season. A Cologne's staying power is supposed to be 1-2 hrs but this one is as good as a perfume. The scent stays the entire day and even after the clothes have been washed, you can smell it. One 100 ml bottle lasted us quite long even with daily lavish use.

  • Pure, simple, safe. For a perfumed hug between mum and her baby. Dermatological tested. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Safe from 0+months.


Honestly, I had read somewhere that it was alcohol free but IT ISN'T. It contains the same basic ingredients present in any other kids perfume: Water, Alcohol Denat and Fragrance. It does not contain any color, the perfume is transaparent.
However, it additionally contains PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, which raises a concern on its safety. PEG-40 is highly unsafe when it comes in contact with broken or damaged skin. So be it the baby or the parent, never ever let this or any other perfume come in direct contact with the skin.

Chicco Mum & Baby Acqua di colonia, Agua di colonia

It comes in a sturdy heavy glass bottle with a plastic screw cap. The cologne comes out of a small hole in the dart. While they have not provided a pump bottle for safety purpose, the hole is sufficiently big and a lot of perfume flows out if not handled with care. This is where it sometimes flows on to my skin.

For babies, it is a better idea to dab perfume into their clothes first and leave them for some time for the liquid to evaporate and then put on the perfumed clothes on the baby.

Quantity: 100ml
Price: INR 499
Up to 20% discount is available on different websites from time to time. Always compare the prices before buying. Not seen discounts offline.

Availability: Easily available in big kids stores which sell Chicco products. Available online on many shopping portals.


  1. Nice one.:) seems like a refreshing product for both mum and kid.

    1. It smells really nice Niesha, the way you like nice fragrances :) but I am afraid frm safety point of view since I mostly have broken dry skin on fingertips and this does land up on hands sometimes.

  2. hi Gp... both your blogs are very nice and super informative.. i have already subscribed for your main blog.. but how do i do the same for this one?? i like the way you have reviewed baby products.. :)

    1. Thanks a ton Supriya! I have worked on your feedback and have added the email subscription link to this blog too :) Would love to follow you back.

  3. Liked ur blog :) I hate alcohols in my deos :\ They give me allergies!

    1. Thanks Raaga :) Even I don't use deos and I use perfume on my clothes, never directly on skin.


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