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Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion Review

This is a review of Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion from Chicco's newly launched 'Baby Moments' range.

Chicco Baby Moments Baby Body Lotion Review

Quantity and Price:

Available in 100 ml, 200 ml and 500 ml packings at Flipkart, Amazon, Babyoye, Firstcry etc.
  • INR 109 for 100 ml
  • INR 199 for 200 ml
  • INR 399 for 500 ml
I was looking for Chicco's Soft & Moisturizing Baby Lotion which my baby has used many times before. It was really good. But suddenly it is missing from online stores, so I bought this one.

Chicco Baby Products Review

Chicco Baby Moments Baby Body Lotion Review
Comes with this Press Open lid
Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion is white in color. The fragrance is very pleasant and same as the Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream, but thankfully this one does not smell like egg later on, like their Baby Moments Rich Cream. We have been using it daily for almost a month now.


Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion Ingredients

Some of the ingredients are the same as the Baby Moments Rich Cream. Phenoxyethanol is a less harmful preservative chemical as compared to parabens, but it is not safe to be used around mouth or lips. It is a known skin irritant even in small concentration and a neurotoxin in higher concentrations.

In Japan, the concentration of phenoxyethanol in cosmetics and skin care products is limited to 1%. It also acts as an anti-bacterial or anti-microbial agent.


Parabens Free
Hypoallergenic and Clinically Tested
Contains Vitamin E
Safe to use right from birth (0+ months)
Dyes and alcohol free

Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion

The consistency is fine but it contains water (I know other baby body lotions which contain water too). When I apply this lotion to my baby's body, I feel more water and less cream.

It is non oily and contains sweet almond milk. Being water based and non-oily, it is suitable only for use in Summers and less cold months only. It does not provide the rich moisturization required by baby skin in severe winters.

It does not easily absorb into the skin. Earlier I used to massage and massage to blend it into baby's skin but it still won't absorb. I have learnt that if I apply and just leave it, it gets absorbed on its own in a couple of minutes.

Their discontinued Chicco Soft Moisturizing Body lotion used to be exceptionally good for winters.

UPDATE: I had bought this lotion for use in winters and it didn't provide adequate moisturization in severe winters. I haven't repurchased this lotion or tried it in summers yet, but Chicco Baby Moments Baby Powder and Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream are great and we are using them from last 2 seasons.

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