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Aloe Derma Extra Gentle Baby Bath and Shower Gel Review

This is a review of Aloe Derma Natural Extra Gentle Baby Bath and Shower gel that claims to contain 60% organic aloe extract. The Aloe Juice in it is certified organic by ECOCERT (any product that claims to be organic needs to have an organic certification and is also required to mention on the packaging the authority that certified it as organic).

Aloe Derma Extra Gentle Baby Bath and Shower Gel Review

Quantity: 165 ml (5.8 oz)
Price: INR 399 (I had bought at a 13% discount for INR 347 from
Shelf Life: 36 Months (3 years)
Made in China for American Global Health Group.
Availability: You can buy from HERE


Aloe Derma Extra Gentle Baby Bath and Shower Gel Review
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Anti-bacterial, FDA Certification, GMP Certification, Extra Mild and Soothing, Effectively Removes Bacteria, Removes Dirt and Oil from Skin. You can read the full description HERE.

Aloe Derma Extra Gentle Baby Bath and Shower Gel Ingredients Review

For those who would like to get into the details, I have decoded the ingredients below:
  1. Sodium Lauroamphoacetate is a mild natural surfactant and hair conditioning agent.
  2. Decyl Glucoside is another ultra mild natural surfactant based on glucose (from corn starch) and fatty alcohols (from Coconut).
  3. Glycerin: From the other good ingredients in this wash, I am hoping they have used plant based glycerin in this formulation.
  4. Steareth 20 methacrylate copolymer: This is a synthetic thickening agent and considered quite safe for use in such products.
  5. Cocoglycerides are skin conditioning agents and also act as thickening agents in a product. These are derived from Coconuts.
  6. Jojoba wax peg-120 esters: In chemical composition, this one is quite similar to human sebum and works as a surfactant as well as skin conditioning agent. This is also a great botanical substitute to whale oil (Squalane) used in SebaMed baby wash.
  7. Methylisothiazolinone: This is a preservative and may be a skin irritant if used in high concentrations. This preservative is allowed in rinse-only products like shampoos and washes.
To be honest, this wash is one of the mildest product I have ever come across so far.


The first thing that attracted me to this baby wash was the BEAUTIFUL baby pink packing and the 60% organic aloe vera sticker. Aloe Derma baby bath and shower gel comes in 165 ml packing, which is smaller than the conventional 200ml packings other brands sell. So I was a little hesitant to buy thinking it will be used up too soon. But then I got it at a 13% discount too.

Price wise, it is at par with SebaMed Extra Soft Baby Wash, so I felt this is costly. However, on using this baby wash, I think it is full value for money because you literally need just 2 small squirts for the body and 1 drop for the face, yes, I use just that much for my 4+ years old son.

This baby wash has a very mild berry fragrance and is a yellowish transparent gel. The packaging is perfect and the product does not run out crazy from the nozzle. You can easily dispense as many drops as you want without wasting any. The bottle is also light weight, leak proof and travel friendly.

Aloe Derma Extra Gentle Baby Bath and Shower Gel Review

Aloe Derma baby bath and shower gel is extremely gentle. Never caused any irritation and the first wash that I can use on my baby's face without irritating him, because he always used to feel uncomfortable with the fragrance of the other washes applied near his nose. I dilute around 3 drops in very little warm water and spread on his skin with my hands. 

It easily degreases the body and removes all dirt without any harsh rubbing, leaving the skin moisturized and clean. Does not lather, just foams up very little. Safe for use on very small babies and sensitive skin. Some adults also use it as a face wash.

Aloe Derma is the BEST baby wash and shower gel I have ever come across so far. It's definitely worth buying and good value for money even though it may sound costlier.


You can buy Aloe Derma Baby Bath and Shower Gel from (direct link):


  1. This sounds really good. Will let my bhabhi know about it. :)

    1. Yes Megha, it is indeed a great product and it would be nice if you let your friends relatives with kids know about it. Thanks :)

  2. Sounds really great..would love to try gaggu :):)
    I love the packaging too

    1. Yes Tej, do try it for Samar. I have checked some UK made baby washes and they have chemicals. This one is very mild. Ahhh and I too love the beautiful pink packing :)

  3. HI

    Is it safe for new born? What other products would you recommend for new born babies/infants which are safe and organic?

    Great blog. it is really helpful because there is such little info that is India specific.



    1. Dear Vatsala, yes, this Aloe Derma shower gel is safe to be used on new born babies. Just use a very very small amount. I dilute and then apply on my kid's skin with my hands like I am applying a lotion. Then gently rub with wet hands and you can feel that it has spread well on the skin.

      To be honest, I don't have a specific set of products that I had used when my kid was very small. But I would say stick to basics. Use as less products on an infant's skin as possible. I find Johnsons & Johnsons, Aveeno, Mothercare etc to be chemical factories so just stay away from these brands. The brand called Pigeon is also mild as compared to others, I mean their basic shower gel and shampoo. Their fancy flavored shower gel is harsh.

      You can also check out farlin baby enzymes bath powder, which is quite mild. And for washing baby's clothes, use a mild detergent which does not have any perfumed fragrance as that may irritate the baby's skin.

      For massage, don't use branded baby oils as they contain 90% or more mineral oil, which is a petrochemical product. Simply use Figaro olive oil or Jojoba oil.

      Hope this helps. I have more reviews lined up, but don't get time to update this blog often as I run another blog full time. If you are on Facebook, do like our page and also check out my other blog 'Honest Reviews and Lifestyle Tips'. You may find it very useful.


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