Saturday, July 20, 2013

O8 Natural Baby Lotion Review

This is a review of O8 Natural Baby Lotion. O8 is an Israel based brand that makes personal care products for babies, teens and women. It is also currently developing a range of skin care products for men. The products are developed by Hlavin Industries (a 30+ years old company) and O8 Israel together. Currently O8 offers 3 baby products: A body lotion, Tearless baby shampoo and Diaper Rash Cream.

O8 Natural Baby Lotion Review

O8 Natural Baby Lotion Review

Quantity: 100 ml

Price: $13.99
You can buy 3 for $8.33 each and save 41% at

Not tested on animals

Use within 12 months of opening.

Free International Registered Shipping via EMS Israel. I got a tracking code and it was hassle-free international shopping. The products were shipped on Jun 18 and I received them in good packing exactly on the 10th day.

The bottle had a small plastic tray at the bottom, which kept it secure during transit and it did not move or spill during shipping. All 3 baby items were properly bubble wrapped.


So smooth and rich, it literally melts into the skin… Baby Lotion contains natural oils, including olive oil, blended with rich, warm beeswax and shea butter for the perfect, gentle lotion to nourish, protect and pamper baby’s skin. With additional pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E to balance and protect young skin, Baby Lotion is much more than a skin care product - it is truly a gift of love.


O8 Natural Baby Lotion Ingredients

I am happy to see that the ingredient list is not so long and it does contain a lot of natural ingredients. O8 baby lotion contains a special ingredient Allantoin, which makes it different from other baby lotions. Allantoin is  nontoxic, nonirritating and non-allergenic, and acts as a skin protectant. Allantoin helps shed dead skin sells, relieves dryness and provides protection to cut, scraped, burnt or sunburnt skin. It nourishes and revitalizes skin. 

But this lotion contains Dimethicone (Silicones) and like all other baby lotions, it contains Phenoxyethanol as a preservative and an antimicrobial agent.

The pump can be locked with a slight twist. The bottle is a 100 ml packing unlike the usual 200 ml packings for other baby lotions. Being thick, there is hardly any chance of spillage. However, if you leave the pump unlocked, the lotion in the pump nozzle becomes thicker with air exposure.


O8 Baby lotion is a thick white creamy lotion that pumps out as ribbons of cream. My first impression was that it smelt over perfumed, but like always, it turned out that the fragrance was locked. Within 2-3 uses it toned town to a pleasant aroma, like it happens in the case of perfumes.

It smells beautiful of an exotic flower I had smelt during childhood in Central West India. I have been trying to search for the flower's name ever since this lotion reminded me of it. It is non-oily and spreads easily despite being thicker than normal baby lotions. I just apply dots on my kids arms and legs and gently massage it in. My son loves to play around with it, when we draw smileys on his wrists and legs before spreading the lotion.

I have used Chicco, Pigeon and Himalaya baby lotions for my kid before. The last one we used was Chicco baby lotion and body cream. All Chicco products cause allergy bumps on my kid's face including their sunscreen milk. As I had never used this brand before, I was a little apprehensive that this too may cause allergy in this hot and humid weather. 

We have been using the O8 baby lotion 2.5 weeks now and the best thing I liked is that it never ever showed any sign of allergy or caused any itching. It is indeed very mild. It gets absorbed instantly without any sweating or discomfort. It keeps my kid's skin soft and nourished without having to reapply. 

It is rich enough to work well in the winters too. As it contains Phenoxyethanol, I avoid using it near baby's ears and mouth, though at times I apply a dot or two to his cheeks.

This lotion is slightly higher priced than regular lotions available in the market, but with the buy 3 sale, it is less pricey than the other premium brands available in the market, which are full of chemicals (for example go have a look at Mothercare products that are laced with every possible paraben). Moreoever, no other international business provides free registered international shipping.

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